Male Pattern Baldness

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Male Pattern Baldness

Most of us tend to think of going bald as something that’s not going to happen until we’re much older. However, some people start balding when they’re in their 20s, or even their teenage years! While most people suffering from male pattern baldness aren’t too happy with their condition, here are a few people who are learning to embrace and style their smooth scalps.

  1. Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star was spotted rocking a buzz cut on the streets in Hollywood. Some people speculate he is balding, as he has the appearance of a buzz cut. Either way, Pattinson has nothing to hide as he seems to be enjoying the shorter hairstyle.
  • Ben Affleck. It’s no secret that Affleck is losing his hair. However, he seems to be opting for hair transplants as opposed to how Pattinson shaved his head.
  • John Travolta. Travolta wears a hairpiece on sets and photoshoots as a means of coping with his hair loss.

All three men have chosen different ways to manage their receding hairlines. From shaved heads and plugs to hairpieces and wigs, these actors have shown us that there’s no wrong way to have a smooth head!

If you think Pattinson’s method of dealing with his hair loss sounds like the right fit for you, don’t be afraid to make the jump and go for a buzz cut! If you’ve never buzzed your own head, I recommend going to a salon and having a professional show the ropes. They can recommend a length that’s most flattering for your face shape. On top of a flattering cut, you might want to consider getting any patchy areas or bald spots filled in. According to Scalp Micro NJ, scalp micropigmentation is a long-lasting treatment that can help even out a shaved head and pull the whole look together.

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